CPU TrueSpeed

CPU TrueSpeed 1.8

CPU TrueSpeed will calculate the actual speed (frequency) of the microprocessor
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Igor Zenkov

Most of operating systems such as Microsoft Windows don't provide the ability to show the detailed information regarding the installed hardware, many manufactures don't provide complete hardware configuration details, and also many retailers don't provide the correct hardware information. This made CPU TrueSpeed a necessary program that will help you get detailed information regarding the installed processor (CPU) so you can measure and compare the internal information that is obsolete and not provided by the retailers. CPU TrueSpeed show the CPU clock speed in MHZ and advanced high-resolution counter. The program can list up to 19 items of the CPU information such as vendor, CPU name, family, model, cores and one of the most interesting features is that it can provide the L1, L2, L3 cache size which impact the cpu performance and overlooked by many people. The program provides a list with the SIMD extensions that the CPU has. CPU TrueSpeed provides complete list of the CPU flags that will tell you whether the support for thermal monitoring is present or not and many technical information that will help developers and active users specially those who cares a lot about the performance of the CPU specially graphics and games users. The program allows you to generate reports and export them as files, copy them to clipboard or send them as an email attachment.

Mark Adeeb
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